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Mobile gaming is on the increase as more and more people turn to their phones for everything from the daily news, weather, music, video streaming and entertainment in general. We demand so much of our phones these days and technology has to keep up with expectations. This goes for mobile casinos too, we want them to be slick, speedy, safe and reliable but also offer us a wide choice of games and payment options.

Many mobile casinos will adapt to your device by default, simply by opening up the website in your browser. Others may require you to download an app to play, some casinos offer both! How you like to play will determine your preferred option but both have their advantages. For instance you may like the convenience of having the casino app ready and waiting for you when you need it, but on the other hand may not like the fact it is taking up valuable space on your phone! The choice as they say is yours!
Mobile Casino Games

Many popular slot games now have mobile equivalents, with most new games now launching with both desktop and mobile versions. Even for gaming giants like NetEnt this isn’t a quick process, and they are still working their way through their huge back catalouge of slots creating mobile versions of their most popular games, otherwise known as NetEnt Touch games. The challenge for game designers is making sure your gaming experience is just as great whether you choose to play on your desktop or mobile device. We’ve seen some really big jackpot wins come from mobile players lately so there’s certainly a huge market for mobile casino games!

Why Go Mobile?

More and more players are choosing to play on their mobile rather than desktop. In fact the growth of mobile casinos has opened up a whole new customer base with record numbers of new players now registering via mobile. Certainly the convenience is a huge benefit as you can log on and play anytime, anywhere you choose. The games look great on the smaller screen and you can now choose from hundreds of great mobile slots and games. It’s fun, quick and hassle free so why wouldn’t you!

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